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Tooth extraction is quite complicated and unpredictable surgical intervention. As any surgery, tooth extraction has a post-surgery period. This is exactly the period when health is in patient’s hands.

Let’s talk about what to expect and what is not to be done after the extraction of a tooth. Of course, recovery process depends on your doctor’s experience and qualification, and if this is in order, then you need to know, how to preserve achieved results.

  1. Carefully follow your doctor’s instructions. Not your wife’s, or friend’s, or mother’s, – only your doctor’s. Only your doctor is aware of your condition and how complex was the manipulation performed. Your doctor assumes full responsibility. Forget about every advice, such as putting raw meat, fat, urine or bird droppings (told by patients) on the area in pain.
  2. Wound doesn’t need to be looked at excessively. And, definitely, do not poke the wound with bare hand, match or toothpick. If you take a look inside the oral cavity on the first day after surgery, you will see dark clot of blood, which in time will become lighter in color. Don’t think that your doctor left a piece of cotton on bandage; – it is fibrin, a tissue, which helps with recovery process. If you see it, then healing is normal.
  3. Under no circumstances use hot compress on your face! Heat provokes inflammatory processes. If you think that bandaging will raise sympathy of your family and friends, then use cold compress!
  4. Don’t use unprescribed antibiotics. Nowadays there are many fans of self-treatment. Every medicament is prescribed in certain dosage and for certain situation. Don’t interrupt taking of the medicine before designated time.
  5. If you feel sharp pain 2-4 days later, don’t try any painkillers, hoping that everything passes. Sharp pain is a sign of tooth socket inflammation. Call your doctor without delay.
  6.  It is not desirable to conduct excessive oral rinsing on the first day. If your doctor prescribed tooth bath, it means filling oral cavity with the liquid and spitting it out afterwards.
  7. If, as a result of tooth extraction, suturing is necessary, the situation will develop in 2 directions: first is when bioresorbable thread was used and, second, when nonabsorbable sutures are applied and removed in 5-7 days. In any case you will be informed by your doctor in advance.
  8. If you still think that prescribed treatment is not enough, then most harmless for your teeth will be diluted sodium solution rinse or chamomile infusion bath.
  9. It is unethical to go clinic to clinic, to check if the treatment prescribed is the right one. If you trust one doctor, then fully follow his/her instructions.
  10. Tune yourself to the best outcome!

Our final advice is not to postpone dental treatment; otherwise you may lose your tooth.
We wish you a he

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